Glass supply for naval industry

Changes in the naval market go hand in hand with the development of new technologies and in recent years, the transformation of this sector has primarily concerned structural and aesthetic factors.

Ships are increasingly large and ship owners want to create environments that meet the highest aesthetic requirements by incorporating design elements both inside and outside. The evolution that the naval market has undergone in recent times has allowed the companies that have made the right investments to earn the title of trusted suppliers and to participate in the construction of the best known ships at a global level. Veneto Vetro is one of the companies that, even in the difficult global economic environment has decided to invest in perfecting its skills and renewing its tools.

Following the wake of technological innovation, we decided to renew our machine-pool by purchasing latest generation tools that makes us able to diversify glass processing. Thanks to some of its main characteristics, including versatility and theability of being modelled, glass has been increasingly adopted in the naval sector becoming one of the most requested materials. The elegant appearance of glass in both indoor and outdoor environments, the feeling of harmony that also creates in the spaces divided by long panes and its’ unique resistance have led many owners to choose it for their cruise ships or fast ferries.

However, the aesthetic aspect is not the only element that makes glass the most suitable material for large boats. One of the requests that ship owners are increasingly making is to have natural light on board. This, together with the performance that this material guarantees against thermal changes, in controlling sunrays and the pressure of water and wind, make it ideal for portholes and windows with exceptional sizes and thicknesses.

In recent years, our Company has collaborated with some of the greatest professionals of the sector working in large construction sites for the production of some of the most famous cruise ships in the world. And it continues to do so thanks to its versatility and its production capacity. The specialisation of our staff and the different types of glass processes we have available allow us also to offer our customers in the naval sector interior furnishing accessories. These include equipped walls, parapets, coverings, mirrors, doors and tables.

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